TeamCity Stash Integration

Send build statuses to Stash From TeamCity

Maintained by mendhak


If you use TeamCity and Stash, then this plugin is for you.

This build feature sends build status updates from TeamCity to Stash. You can then see build statuses against commits.

Stash screenshot


Download the .zip file and place it in the <TeamCity data directory>/plugins folder, then restart TeamCity.


Under your build steps, click on Add Build Feature. It will appear in the dropdown list.

Build Feature

Simply enter your Stash server details and credentials to connect with. The plugin will now send build status updates to your Stash server.


How it works

This is a TeamCity Build Feature built using the TeamCity Open API.

It listens for build statuses and posts them to the Atlassian Stash Build API.


GPL v2

Code setup

You will need IntelliJ IDEA as this project uses IDEA features to build artifacts.

You will also need to download and extract TeamCity which provides the required jars.

Open the project in Intellij IDEA, you should see a lot of unresolved references, this is normal.

Go to File | Settings | Path Variables and set the TeamCityDistribution variable, pointing it to your TeamCity location.

The project should now build. The .zip is generated in /out/artifacts/plugin_zip.