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In praise of opinionated frameworks

It might appear that the tech industry tends to gravitate towards tools, languages and frameworks that are highly flexible by design. Said technologies will capture attention through numerous blog posts,…

A simple and effective Bash prompt for developers

In Bash I use a very basic prompt which is simple and effective.

How quantum computers break our security, and what’s being done about it

As a computing end user, I’ve been vaguely aware of quantum computing on the horizon, but haven’t been aware regarding its effect on us. To that end I decided to…

Syncing the login wallpaper with the desktop wallpaper on Ubuntu 20.04

In Ubuntu 20.04, the background image that you set for your desktop doesn’t appear on the login screen. There isn’t a way to manage the login screen background through the…

Smashtest Tutorial

Smashtest is a DSL on top of Selenium that makes reading and writing tests easy. It focuses on improving productivity with a lot of helpful features, it can run tests…

How to use KeepassXC to serve SSH keys to WSL2 and Ubuntu

I have previously shown how to serve keys to WSL1, here I’ll be going over the method to do it for WSL2.

Host your API Gateway documentation in API Gateway

It’s possible to host your OpenAPI (Swagger) JSON as well the UI from within API Gateway itself, without needing an S3 bucket or any additional infrastructure.