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Post with Github Repo Cards

How to display a Github repo card. Fetches the description, stars and forks.

To display it on a page use the githubrepocard shortcode.

{% githubrepocard 'mendhak/gpslogger' %}


:satellite: Lightweight GPS Logging Application For Android.

This should also work for third party Github repos, not just yours.

{% githubrepocard 'mozilla/send' %}


Simple, private file sharing from the makers of Firefox

Special note about Github Repo Cards and rate limits

If the Repo Card area start to appear empty sometimes, this could be because the IP address you ran the build from was rate limited by Github. This can commonly happen when running from Github Actions.

If running from Github Actions, no need to do anything, the automatically generated GITHUB_TOKEN should get passed in to the action and used by the API calls.

If not running on Github Actions, you’ll need to generate a token on Github with the repos permission. Then pass that as a --githubtoken argument when running the npm run build or npm run serve commands, for example:

npm run serve --githubtoken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx