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/kobo-text-to-images-with-stable-diffusion/ Enhancing Kobo with text-to-image generation and simple explanations
/keepassxc-sign-git-commit-with-ssh/ Use KeePassXC to sign your git commits
/the-userscript-that-kept-me-fed/ The userscript that kept me fed
/automatic-hyperlink-selected-text-on-paste/ Automatically hyperlinking the selected text when pasting a URL
/graphql-poor-developer-experience/ GraphQL's poor developer experience
/hands-on-llm-tutorial/ Hands on introduction to LLM programming for developers
/llm-output-is-malicious/ LLM output is malicious user input
/automate-android-with-local-llm/ Using a local LLM to Automate an Android device