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/automate-android-with-local-llm/ Using a local LLM to Automate an Android device
/simple-cli-lookup-tool/ `?`, a simple CLI lookup tool
/threat-modelling-to-pick-password-manager/ Using threat modelling to choose a password manager
/dotnet-simple-powerful-configuration/ .NET's underrated configuration feature
/css-dark-mode-toggle-sucks/ The unpleasant hackiness of CSS dark mode toggles
/kobo-customizations/ My Kobo Customizations
/use-wildcard-certificates-for-internal-infrastructure/ Wildcard certificates are not always a security risk
/fun-learning-linux-localization/ Fun and learnings with localization on Linux
/escaping-jekyll-to-eleventy/ Escaping Jekyll, and moving to Eleventy
/in-appreciation-of-fdroid/ Appreciating F-Droid as an app developer