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/run-stable-diffusion-on-ubuntu/ The simplest way to get started with Stable Diffusion on Ubuntu
/steam-github-profile-status/ Syncing your Github status with your currently playing Steam game
/gpl-v2-address-letter/ I wrote to the address in the GPLv2 license notice and received the GPLv3 license
/my-ebook-reading-setup/ My ebook reading setup
/zero-trust-poor-choice-of-words/ 'Zero Trust' security is a poor choice of words
/steam-find-common-trading-sets/ Tool to find Steam trading card sets in common with another user
/make-caps-lock-useful/ Repurposing Caps Lock into something useful
/opinionated-frameworks/ In praise of opinionated frameworks
/simple-bash-prompt-for-developers-ps1-git/ A simple and effective Bash prompt for developers
/general-understanding-quantum-safe-cryptography/ How quantum computers break our security, and what's being done about it